Thursday, July 31, 2014

TBT Sunny Days in Yorkshire 43 Years Ago

I'm thinking this was in the late summer of 1971 a time when my grandmother and cousin came over to England. If it was, then we took my grandmother hostage and kept her til the following year. I in the early days of my 2nd pregnancy here and had a 2nd son in January 72 and my mother came over to visit and the two of us went to see the bulbs of the Netherlands. Nana wanted to leave earlier but my mother convinced her to stay til spring so the could fly home together.

In 1971 my grandmother would be 75 years old. I'm not far from that now which is a strange thing to think of.

I didn't know which village this was but thanks to the internet I found out that it is in Hebden, outside of Skipton in the Yorkshie Dales.  The Clarendon Hotel. Not terribly far from our home in Knaresborough but a bit of a nice country drive with visitors. Sitting outdoors in the summer sun was not as common then as it is today - weather seemed cooler back then - and I see my xh has a turtle neck under his shirt and my grandmother's coat is on the table. I am wearing tights (lacey but substantial ones) under my bell bottom jeans. I still have that road atlas!

My cousin was about 15 then and stayed for a couple of weeks if I recall correctly, sharing a bedroom with our firstborn.  The boys are dressed for summer and seem to have been content. Happy days. 43 years ago.

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Photocat said...

Isn't it truly amazing how time goes on and on... I would not say that Hebden Bridge is a short drive, grin... It is an hour at least. Maybe a bit more. But beautiful indeed. I need to go there before the move... Over the Moorroad of course... Nice memories.

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