Monday, February 17, 2014

AAM Monday: February 17, 2014

It seems strange that this is a holiday because I think of President's Day as Feb 22nd. That shows my age but the other thing is that when you are retired, all days are holidays! And on the other hand, while I was still working for the General Assembly here in MD, holidays didn't happen for us. The General Assembly meets for 90 days and while we didn't work Saturday or Sunday, it sometimes felt like we did.  But that's the past and today I'm sharing a page from an All About Me challenge at Designer Digitals.

I was pretty worried about making my appointment with my knee doctor with all the snow we've had. The appointment I had earlier was cancelled due to the first big snowfall that seems to have lingered in one way or another, usually with just more snow. MD doesn't cope with snow the way states who get it on a regular basis do.

Worry also extended to what my future options might be. I was not in an upbeat mood that day so the page came at a perfect time to scrap the emotion out! Art Therapy. It works.

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