Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Travel With Me Tuesday: Passau Germany

While my dh went off to Cesky Krumlov, I stayed on board and had a leisurely walk through Passau. Sadly, looking at my photos now, I can also think of recent images of Passau under water again.

Look at the two  images below, and you will see the path I followed on my journey - down the right side of the town to the lovely park at the point on the bottom left up the left side past the red roofed tower. The boats you see are the type we were on for our river cruise.

I suppose I should feel grateful I wasn't there this spring but it's so sad to see a place you 'know' looking like this.

I started my walk with a guide along here - a small group tour that was offered by Vantage for the folks who chose to stay in Passau. You can see some of the river cruise boats on the left. Lots of signs to tell us what is where! Fortunately, not uphill yet.

We followed these painted cobblestones through an artist section down by the river. I hope the artists were able to save most of their works in the flooding.

The cafe was tempting but we had no time to stop plus we always had sooo much food to choose from on board. I tried to take photos of prices too.

 Finally, we did start walking uphill into the top part of the old town.

I love fall decorations with leaves and berries. At home, it's often not cool enough for this kind of foliage in November. I was certainly happy with the weather all through our trip! Really my kind of autumn days.

 Even in an old town you find clever graffiti. I wonder how long the let these images stay.

A clever little statue on the bit connecting the two building. And look...awnings for those sunny hot days!

No, we didn't get a chance to hear the lost interview with Steve....

Note that the date above the door is 1619. Rather old, I'd say, and quite a door too!

More things to do and see if you lived here.

Here, I'll say goodbye and come back to you another day with more images of a drier Passau. That yellow cover to my iPhone now has a history that I'll tell you when we get to the Budapest days. More to come!

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