Thursday, January 1, 2009

Word for 2009

I had been thinking of a word for this year, and I found a wooden sign in a craft store that seemed perfect for someone I know.

The longer I had it, the more I felt it really was for me. Funny how that is.... So my word for 2009 is


Many thanks to Ali Edwards for sharing this idea. It might not have been her original idea but as I found it on her blog, it's hers in my mind. Thanks Ali!


CameoRoze said...

My husband and I came up with our word a couple days after Christmas. It's SIMPLIFY. We're doing at least one thing a day to pare down and make our lives simpler.

Already this morning, we went through a few cupboards. We threw out a box of cereal dated July 2006, some cans of evaporated milk from 1990(!) and some boxes of baking chocolate that were tucked FAR back in a bottom cupboard that were so old they weren't even dated! Yuck!

Tinniegirl said...

Nice idea. I like it. I like how it came to you too.

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