Monday, March 28, 2011

Mindful leads to Grateful

Many years ago during my first marriage, my now xh used to manage to sit on my feet when he was getting dressed in the mornings. No matter how we arranged the bedroom in the various homes we lived in, it seemed to me that he always found my feet to sit on as he put his shoes on or whatever. I was usually still in bed when he left early in the mornings and invariably I griped and tried to yank my feet out from under him. He used to say..."There'll come a day when you wish you had someone to sit on your feet!" Both of us were still so young we didn't imagine that I'd be a widow any time soon so it was a moot point in my mind. However, while I was divorced by my mid 40s, I still didn't long for someone to sit on my feet.

Years down the road, I am married to my current husband. Each time I dump the load of white clothes onto the bed for sorting, I sigh at the dailiness of it. I may sigh, but 1. I enjoy doing laundry - especially when it's just for two adults and 2. I do realize that there may very well come a day when I have only my own laundry to sort. The day I took this photo, I suddenly thought of that. It became more than my 365 photo of the dajavascript:void(0)y. It became the reminder to me that when I am mindful of what I am doing, no matter how mundane, I can be grateful for what is ...right at this moment. Chop wood, carry water, sort laundry - whatever. Lessons abound and it's all good.

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Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

Lovely reminder indeed :) I'm getting better at being mindful while doing the mundane too -- truly amazing how much calmer I feel by not letting a million thoughts race through my head.

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