Thursday, September 25, 2014

TBT - A WWII Story of 2 and 3 Brothers

My father was the 4th, I believe, of 5 children - my Uncle Jimmy, my Aunt Kathleen, my Uncle Eddie, my father Maurice and my Uncle Tommy. I don't know if there were other children that may have died as infants but considering the times, I suspect there could have been.

Here my father is on the right and my Uncle Tommy on the left. I suspect they may have been in high school as neither of them went to college. My father was 6'4 and my uncle was a good bit shorter so it looks as if Daddy hadn't finished growing.

When WWII came around, three of the brothers entered the Army. My Uncle Eddie never served and I'm not sure why but I suspect it was that he already had a child. In this article it says my Uncle Jimmy enlisted on June 6, 1942. That was my parents wedding day.  My father enlisted later that summer.

Later, my Uncle Tommy and my father met up on Germany. Growing up I never saw an article about that meeting. My Uncle Jimmy was always his parents' favorite and was the only one to go to college. Maybe no one sent the story to the local paper.  Who knows what really went on so many years ago when all the parties are now dead.

My father, on the right, wrote on the back of this image "Rear Echelon" Boyle and his brother "Combat Boyle". I doubt that any of the three brothers had an easy time and none of them ever wanted to talk about their war experience but I know my father certainly saw combat. Sadly, history lost here.

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Photocat said...

What a touching story Maureen... shivvers down my spine!

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