Thursday, August 30, 2018

TBT: I967 Maternity Clothing

Back from Texas in 1967, I was pregnant with my first child, the child who turned 51 yesterday! Oh how time flies. I guess I must be having fun, right?  I do like this photo for many of the things it shows, including the fact that at 5'7 my father is considerably taller than I am with his height. He was 6'4 which seemed kind of normal to me. Somehow I married a 5'9 husband in the first go round.  But that aside, I really like that dress too. It was one of my favorite maternity dresses. All gone, years gone but fortunately we have photos some time. And now there's a scrapbook page to tell some of the story!

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Travel With Me Tuesday: England Day 9 London East End

I really wanted to see the East End again especially after seeing it again in so many PBS shows.  This was something I wanted to do as opposed to something my husband wanted to see.  He saw as much as he wanted in a very short time. So, these pages are mostly about my day.

Monday, August 27, 2018

AAM Monday: Project Life Week 31

Week 31 started off with himself needing to go to the hospital for a little bump on the back of his head. Considering he had fallen in the shower last week, it seemed that this bump could have been related to the fall which had resulted in a cracked rib. But after extensive testing with no indication of a head injury and a few days home, we decided it had been a mosquito bite. Himself gets quite a reaction from bug bites.  

Fortunately, the rest of the week was much calmer.

Friday, August 24, 2018

Friday Funny

Sometimes we all feel a bit like this I think. It's just that, sadly, some feel like this all the time. And people... There sure are a lot of them.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Travel With Me Tuesday: England Day 8

I inadvertently put two of Day 8 ahead of the tail end of Day 7 but that's how the brain fails to work correctly some times. I doubt anyone is upset about that, are you. So here's wrapping up Day 8.

The light in London on this afternoon was nothing less than spectacular. I know part of it is the city's latitude and reminds me of Vermeer's light or the photos I've seen taken up in Vancouver BC. In my memory of my year's in England, we didn't often have these gorgeous days or if we did they were rare and relished.

Monday, August 20, 2018

AAM Monday : Project Life Week 30

I did this week differently for a layout on Designer Digitals. It's fun to have a change up once in a while so as not to feel like I'm doing the same thing every week. Routine is welcome after a bit of a break, at least for me. How about you?

Friday, August 17, 2018

Friday Funny and/or True

This bit of wisdom comes from Ann On Sutton Place. Why is that pumpkin getting a bath you might ask? Well, according to Ann, it's the dirt and grime that cause pumpkins to rot. When clean, they last so much longer. All the information can be found in the link below the photo.  As it isn't time to put pumpkins out yet (in my mind and while the days can be in the 90s), I haven't tried this - yet. And I will admit, I'm a bit of a faux pumpkin kinda girl myself. But let me know if you try this and how it worked. I'm curious to know even though I have no doubts about Ann's level of truthfulness. 

I really would like one of those huge funky green pumpkins....and those white ones are so so pretty!

preserving pumpkins

Thursday, August 16, 2018

TBT My Great Uncle or Grand Uncle, Your Pick

I am a Guest Creative Team Member at Designer Digitals for a couple of months and this was the easiest layout to do so far. I love almost anything Heritage but don't always use the subtle colors.This Vintage Mini Mix Kit No 07 called out to me and I was so glad I had scanned a bunch of images from one of my mother's old albums. Old, as the photos go back to the 1930s. I don't have a lot but I'm so grateful for what I do have.

Uncle Pete, as I called him, definitely did not want to go down the mines as so many of his male relatives did. How was it that he had the get up and go to go to New York and stay there for the rest of his days? I think there's always one in the family like that. Even though I'm an only child, I was one like that. I wish I had known more of the whys and wherefores of Uncle Pete's story while he was alive. But that's life, isn't it.

So here's Uncle Pete and his story or as much as I know of it.

click here for credits

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

how about a LR tutorial?

I really like this one and if you wanna play in Lightroom, have fun! Somehow, I didn't know this trick. As if I know so many...

Monday, August 13, 2018

AAM Monday: Project Life Week 29

Going back to some of my older templates from Designer Digitals Pocket Pages, I shifted them into the style I'm almost always using - 4 4x6 inch spots and 4 3x4 inch spots with a white border and then a patterned paper border. There's a lot of ways to vary that easily when doing digital pages vs having to have various plastic protectors if done in paper or hybrid. Any time I think of such things, it cements my choice of digital.

With these two pages, I stuck to the way the templates were laid out with the stitching,  eliminated almost all the extra elements and was set. I do see that I forgot to clip that corner Instagram photo of my son and wife to the background paper, thus covering up the stitching. Again, digital correction will be easy!

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Travel With Me Tuesday: Let's get back to England Day 7

Not sure where I left off but just to say from the start, I FINISHED that album and it went to print and I have it! Just a little issue of a bad dent in the spine. I've got to call Shutterfly and let them know.  Yes,  I wold like an undamaged book.

I don't often do lined up pages like this but it was such a simple evening that it worked.  It also made it easy to get another day wrapped up with less work.

and together they look like this. Pretty, right?

Travel With Me Tuesday: England Day 8

Continuing the theme of 'simple gets it done' I moved on to Day 8,  which also led to a  'check before you go to visit' experience. On trips, we should probably be each other's back up in checking. Just saying...

I missed having a cup of tea at Twinings and he missed seeing the inside of Temple Church. fwiw, Twinings did sell tea (of course) but not by the cup

Monday, August 6, 2018

AAM:Monday PL Weeks 27 & 28

Where has the time gone? she asks again.

Summer is the hardest season for me. I really mind the weather and cannot wait for cooler times. This year our humidity has been worse than the normal bad. But I do remind myself I am fortunate not to live miles more down south. One or two days I walked out the door and thought...This is sultry! I am glad to leave that kind of weather to my friends in New Orleans or other such regions.

But back to the weeks I've completed.

My football joy was not long lived but that's the way of the World Cup. You hope you dream and then crash it goes. The French are mauvais. imho

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