Thursday, June 14, 2018

TBT: That Day in Boston 1978

We moved to Thailand with two sons and were expected to be there for two years. However, in that time we adopted a little three year old little girl, or should I say we started the adoption process. Many obstacles came up including a coup over the weekend after we received permission from the Thai government to adopt her. Over that weekend the government changed and so decisions made  by Friday's government were no long valid on Monday. Start the process again... We extended our stay in Bangkok by a 3rd year to, god willing, hope the process would be resolved. My husband also considered putting her in the diplomatic pouch to get her out of the country!

But she received a Thai passport eventually and legally became our child on the 4th of July! This photo was taken when we arrived in the US with our little 'foreigner' and her brothers. She would be naturalized in less than two months. But that's another story!

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