Monday, June 4, 2018

AAM Monday: Project Life Weeks 19 & 20

Yes, those were slow weeks. Weeks I felt that so little was done, even though I did get out, see people, talk with those who needed talking and/or those I wanted to talk with. Lots of those happenings are more private than is appropriate for blogging. I really didn't feel much like cooking either and ended up eating less but sadly not losing any weight. Life Is Not Fair. There was also an invasion of bugs of various sorts. Why me, God, why me??? Yes, I should read Job and remind myself of what suffering is really like...

For me, doing only 1 page for a week is rare, very rare but that's what is. But as we scrappers and/or Project Lifers page is one more than none. So there! I'm ok with it all.

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