Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Tasty Tuesday - A Surprise Inside

A week or so ago, we went to a fundraiser for Washington Jesuit Academy in DC at the Dock 5 of Union Market. It involved lots of food samples. For the prior year, the food was more cocktail party fare, lots of interesting small bits of well presented food, food that you might not make at home plus craft beers and wine.

This year, I felt the food was geared more to ~30 year old males who love beer. Lots of food that was heavier on the meat/carbs to absorb that beer. Sliders, barbecue, and a gigantic sub that was cut into slices. No wine, just bottled water as the other beverage.  My husband enjoyed the food more this year but I would have liked something a bit healthier. Just a bit.

One stand had really good little sandwich sliders and while the brisket was the hit of the evening, I liked the ham, cheese, candied pineapple and really delish bacon. The rolls were also really tasty, meaning they HAD a taste as opposed to bread that just held the filling together. But what caught my eye was a small selection of rounded bread rolls.

My ham was in the center, but the round 'plain' rolls that I had were far from plain as the one I started with shows. The were hollow Kolaches filled with spinach and onion or in the case of the one on the left, filled with jalapeño and cheddar. My husband ate that one and said it wasn't spicy enough. He always says that.

Later, we moved on to the desserts. But that's for another day.

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