Monday, April 23, 2018

AAM Monday: One I Like, One I Didn't

Last week I was in DC at a spiritual Gathering. That means it wasn't a retreat, it wasn't a training but rather it was a ...gathering...of people who either did or were interested in leading spiritual retreats. I was neither but somehow it felt right to go. Instinctively right.

We were at a retreat house but the building next to ours had a rather daunting image.

I was raised Catholic and I know he was made a saint but like the man now in the White House,  I felt he was "Not my Pope." Many adored him and that's fine but I was not one. I never did go into this shrine but did walk around the building and enjoyed the gardens.  This was more or less the view from my room. Hmmm....

After our gathering, I decided to visit the nearby Franciscan Monastery because my mother took me there more than once because of their beautiful gardens. With the lovely cool spring we've had, the bulbs were perfectly in bloom, the peonies and the roses were coming into bud and the fountains were splashing their water sounds just as they do in the Middle Eastern gardens.

I was laughing when I saw this cutout just waiting for photo ops. Yep, 'This is MY Pope!" I had a hard time reaching around him for a selfie and should have gone and got my never used selfie stick from my car. Oh well, there we are together!

Fortunately I guess, there's someone for each of us in turn. God does provide.

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