Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Travel with Dan

Today I was looking for some old photos of Washington DC's old West End/Foggy Bottom similar to this photo of my father at his job at 23rd and M NW in 1963.

I found a blog that has some more information on the nomenclature of the names used for this area and the history and demographics but no pictures.  My father worked at General Tire which had this lot and a sales office. We lived in Prince George's County MD.

But in looking for the old photos, I came across this one which really IS a remarkable one. Well Done Dan Malouff!  (I did a slight edit to the original which you can see if you click the image below.)

As Dan says, you see the Potomac at the bottom, then Gaithersburg in the center and finally  the Baltimore skyline at the top.  Great shot! fwiw, you may find the comments on the original post interesting and they will identify that area of land stripped of trees on the VA side of the river.

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