Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Catch Up Tuesday

Don't ask me where the time has gone. I feel like I've been in a bit of a fog lately no doubt by the World Cup but then also by the $^(&% news. It hangs heavy over our hearts and each day is another layer of the unbelievable.  Who could imagine that we would have one of 'those' shootings here in our own town. 5 journalists murdered. But at home it was ok for week 26 with visits with family and friends and then June was finished up. It was a week I was glad to end.

Monday, July 9, 2018

AAM Monday: Project Life Week 25

A week that involved a lot of visiting to and fro. It became a busy week with not so much else going on but isn't that a typical summer? June wasn't as quiet as I thought it was going to be.

Friday, July 6, 2018

What I Read and What I Saw

I have my books noted on line but I realized I tend to forget what it is I watched on tv. Most days, I am on my computer a lot but do take time to read paper in between meals or after an afternoon coffee.

I usually read the Washington Post paper edition with breakfast, breaking it down into sections. Metro 1st, then Style. If there's a daily section such as Health, Wednesday's Food, or Thursday's Living, I'll often read that one mid morning when I come down for another drink, probably water by then. The last section I read is the A/Front page section as I don't want to take in the bad news on an empty stomach or at the start of my day. If there is a photo of 45  on the front, I'll turn the paper over so I don't have to seen that any time I'm in the kitchen.

As for books, 99% of the time I read paper. Recently, I've found the Playaway series of audio books which I like because they're small as a deck of cards & they aren't like scratched up CDs. But my ears do get tired of the headphones, which are Bose but still not so comfortable. They're my husband's hand me downs.  Right now I'm listening to  I Was Told to Come Alone: My Journey Behind the Lines of Jihad by Souad Mekhennet. I've liked it a lot but haven't taken the time to listen to this as often as I'd have liked to. It seems my days have lost some of those pockets of time that I had or maybe I'm just wasting more time with the summer heat. In close to 100° weather, my energy melts.

I've also been going through The Joy of Less, A Minimalist Living Guide: How to Declutter, Organize, and Simplify Your Life by Francine Jay. This was good but it would have been better had I read it when it came out 8 years ago. Most of the book is old hat by now but it's always good to have a push to declutter!

Now I'm starting Brooklyn Wars by Triss Stein. I've read the earlier 3 books in the 'accidental' Brooklyn detective Erica Donato series. Donato is a Historian who, while seemingly to be endlessly working on her dissertation, stumbles across situations where her investigative talent comes in. Easy reads but with a lot of substance.

Onto the watching...

I guess it was last year, or at least this winter, I watched Marcella on Netflix. Give me a gritty London detective and I'm good for the series. Season 1 was rather strange making me wonder what was really happening and what Marcella might be hallucinating? seeing as flashbacks? etc.  But no matter what the how or why, I loved it. Today I'll finish the last of Season 2 which I semi-binged watching with 2 episodes a night usually. Please please please, a 3rd Season!

What's next? Probably Fauda also on Netflix. I'm always open to your suggestions on what you read or watch! 

Monday, July 2, 2018

AAM Monday: Her's Some Catch UP

I was taking a bit of a blog break recently with lots of visiting with family and friends. So a couple of weeks of Project Life here. Hope you are having a happy start to the summer or getting ready for a cozy winter if you're down under.

Friday, June 22, 2018

RESIST: June 22, 2018

So even though the policy is rescinded, I still ask WWJD with so many of 45's policies. 
Seriously? Pence? This is the spirit of the gospels???

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Travel With Me Tuesday: Not Your Normal Southern Food

It's funny that when ever we get together down North Carolina way, we often end up having dinner at the same restaurant. Is it traditional Southern food? Not exactly especially as none of us were born in the South. So where do we eat? We call it The Indian Restaurant but in reality it is Pakistani, Indian with a lot of southern Indian also. I always say that the next time, I'll have a dosa because some do come without potatoes. I love dosas!

But after a frantic day, this was the meal that settled us all down.

Monday, June 18, 2018

AAM Monday: Project Life Week 22

A simple week, with rain, reading and a memorial service for a friend. The little black bordered photo  on the first page came from the BBC which I sometimes listen to in the mornings. I had never seen a photo of Shostakovich and somehow always imagined him as a bearded man of the Victorian era. I was rather off...

Thursday, June 14, 2018

TBT: That Day in Boston 1978

We moved to Thailand with two sons and were expected to be there for two years. However, in that time we adopted a little three year old little girl, or should I say we started the adoption process. Many obstacles came up including a coup over the weekend after we received permission from the Thai government to adopt her. Over that weekend the government changed and so decisions made  by Friday's government were no long valid on Monday. Start the process again... We extended our stay in Bangkok by a 3rd year to, god willing, hope the process would be resolved. My husband also considered putting her in the diplomatic pouch to get her out of the country!

But she received a Thai passport eventually and legally became our child on the 4th of July! This photo was taken when we arrived in the US with our little 'foreigner' and her brothers. She would be naturalized in less than two months. But that's another story!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Time and How It Appears

Each December (hopefully!) when I start to get ready for the next year's Project Life pages, I make folders for a month or two's worth of weeks in a couple of places.  My iPhone photos automatically go to Photos on my computer and there they can be auto sorted by week if I set that up. btw, most of these organizing helpers came from designer Cathy Zielske not my own brain!

Once I have a few weeks' folders ready in Photos, I go to my main EHD where my exported-from-Photos images are really stored in a yearly folder (2018 e.g.). Then I make folders for each week so when I export a copy of each image, I have an empty folder waiting. It's from this folder that I add the links to Lightroom where I do almost all of my editing.

Why are you getting the back story to all this Project Life stuff? well it's because as I added some images Sunday to that EHD, I am reminded that I'm approaching Week 26. That means the year is really half over. It always comes as a bit of a jolt to me as opposed to those many years of being in school where the real-to-me year had solid start and stop points and with that timeless period known as summer in between. Sigh.

Ah adulthood and the way we see time.

Monday, June 11, 2018

AAM Monday: Project Life Week 21

This week I used a Paislee Press template which was a bit of a change for me. I did reduce it so that I could also have a background paper and that inner white border. I've found that if I don't add that bit of color as a background I find the project kind of boring. That's just me and maybe I'll like the basic style started by Becky Higgins again in the future. That's the best thing...no rules!

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Throwback Thursday: Two Sisters

Aunt Florence was my Aunt and though her sister Mary always seemed very nice, Aunt Florence seemed to be the fun one. My mother really liked her and enjoyed her company whenever they could get together. As we lived about 4 hours away from her, it wasn't that often unfortunately.

Monday, June 4, 2018

AAM Monday: Project Life Weeks 19 & 20

Yes, those were slow weeks. Weeks I felt that so little was done, even though I did get out, see people, talk with those who needed talking and/or those I wanted to talk with. Lots of those happenings are more private than is appropriate for blogging. I really didn't feel much like cooking either and ended up eating less but sadly not losing any weight. Life Is Not Fair. There was also an invasion of bugs of various sorts. Why me, God, why me??? Yes, I should read Job and remind myself of what suffering is really like...

For me, doing only 1 page for a week is rare, very rare but that's what is. But as we scrappers and/or Project Lifers say...one page is one more than none. So there! I'm ok with it all.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

AAM Tuesday: Project Life Week 18

Yep, I missed Monday, not because it was a holiday, but because it was damp and miserable. I'm sure I did stuff but who knows? I did watch some movies but this chilly damp makes my mind moldy. Or so I think.

April turned into May and the sun came out. So here's week 18 - somehow it seems like the rain has been ever-present for a long time. Sort of like my early days in England. Week 18 DID have some sunny and HOT days too though. I regretted not having sunblock on.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

AAM Tuesday: Project Life Week 17

Well Monday came and Monday went and I have to say I have been a bit groggy the past couple of days with 'pollen and rain' brain. Fortunately, this is not a life threatening condition but one that makes me less than alert. It was a day of going for energy work, finding out that my dying friend died on Sunday and what seemed like a never ending manicure and pedicure. I like the results but oh the process takes SO SO long. Like 90 minutes? But it gave me time to read through two magazines - just beauty fluff which is a nice way to pass the time, especially when thinking of a long time friend who was a big part of my life 30 years ago. You will stay in my heart Dan!

In any case, here's week 17. My life goes on no matter what. And yeah, that's a lot of pink cause that double cherry blossom tree out front just screams pink!

Monday, May 14, 2018

AAM Monday: Project Life Week 16

Week sixteen started out as a chilly rainy Sunday but one that was fun. The rest of my week involved time at the Washington Retreat Center with a lot of interesting people. It was also a good break away from home and the internet. That tends to lead to a lot of peaceful time and great sleep.

Despite some days of heavy clouds, the spring flowers were coming into their own and I was inspired to finish up my week with a visit to the Franciscan Monastery and enjoy their lovely gardens. A stop at Megamart on the way home let me fill my refrigerator for more cooking!

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Tasty Tuesday - A Surprise Inside

A week or so ago, we went to a fundraiser for Washington Jesuit Academy in DC at the Dock 5 of Union Market. It involved lots of food samples. For the prior year, the food was more cocktail party fare, lots of interesting small bits of well presented food, food that you might not make at home plus craft beers and wine.

This year, I felt the food was geared more to ~30 year old males who love beer. Lots of food that was heavier on the meat/carbs to absorb that beer. Sliders, barbecue, and a gigantic sub that was cut into slices. No wine, just bottled water as the other beverage.  My husband enjoyed the food more this year but I would have liked something a bit healthier. Just a bit.

One stand had really good little sandwich sliders and while the brisket was the hit of the evening, I liked the ham, cheese, candied pineapple and really delish bacon. The rolls were also really tasty, meaning they HAD a taste as opposed to bread that just held the filling together. But what caught my eye was a small selection of rounded bread rolls.

My ham was in the center, but the round 'plain' rolls that I had were far from plain as the one I started with shows. The were hollow Kolaches filled with spinach and onion or in the case of the one on the left, filled with jalapeño and cheddar. My husband ate that one and said it wasn't spicy enough. He always says that.

Later, we moved on to the desserts. But that's for another day.

Monday, May 7, 2018

AAM Monday: Project Life Week 15

There were signs of spring with the chives on their way back and the installation of the a/c units before the Maryland heat hits us. Plus I had some of the endless clearing up.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Just Imagine This, Nutella!

Now I understand that there really are people who don't care for chocolate. I believe them but I don't understand that. I found this image on Instagram and thought this was a new idea! Peanuts and chocolate, kind of like Nutella but Reese's Pieces style. In any case, I prefer my chocolate plain and in solid form unless I'm getting a Cioccolata Calda, an Italian hot chocolate that you mostly eat with a spoon.  But if you fancy some chocolate and peanut butter in a spread or maybe a powder (I can't tell) check this out.

btw, ShopAtGood is in Boston or check it on Instagram.

Monday, April 30, 2018

AAM Monday: Project Life Week 14

At last it came. Easter, April Fools, the signs of Spring. While the week was not as warm as many Marylanders hoped it will be, it was perfect for the beautiful flowers and food of the new season. It was a simple week and so nice to have them. Now the month is ending but week 14 was the start of a new season for sure.

Monday, April 23, 2018

AAM Monday: One I Like, One I Didn't

Last week I was in DC at a spiritual Gathering. That means it wasn't a retreat, it wasn't a training but rather it was a ...gathering...of people who either did or were interested in leading spiritual retreats. I was neither but somehow it felt right to go. Instinctively right.

We were at a retreat house but the building next to ours had a rather daunting image.

I was raised Catholic and I know he was made a saint but like the man now in the White House,  I felt he was "Not my Pope." Many adored him and that's fine but I was not one. I never did go into this shrine but did walk around the building and enjoyed the gardens.  This was more or less the view from my room. Hmmm....

After our gathering, I decided to visit the nearby Franciscan Monastery because my mother took me there more than once because of their beautiful gardens. With the lovely cool spring we've had, the bulbs were perfectly in bloom, the peonies and the roses were coming into bud and the fountains were splashing their water sounds just as they do in the Middle Eastern gardens.

I was laughing when I saw this cutout just waiting for photo ops. Yep, 'This is MY Pope!" I had a hard time reaching around him for a selfie and should have gone and got my never used selfie stick from my car. Oh well, there we are together!

Fortunately I guess, there's someone for each of us in turn. God does provide.

Monday, April 16, 2018

AAM Monday: Project Life Week 13

A year ago my son and his wife came to Maryland to be married the end of March. Why such an iffy time? because he's a chef and it had to be a time with no holiday or major event in the hotel. Just as it was in 2017 we wondered if it would be cold, snowy?, warm or even hot.  We had warm AND chilly for the wedding days and it was the same in 2018. Maybe Maryland is consistent!

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