Thursday, November 9, 2017

TBT: 1971 Birthday Party

1971 in England. My son's 4th birthday party with some of the neighbor children. I don't recall the boy in the striped shirt but suspect he was a schoolmate from my son's pre-school class. While this is August, he is the only one dressed for summer. But then again, this was an English summer.

What you probably would not see at a children's birthday party these days (I hope!) is the father smoking a cigarette with all the children and, as you will see in the next image, a newborn.

Outside our front window is another image - my dark green Hillman Minx, aka 'the pig car' as it was extremely sluggish and chugged up the many hills of Yorkshire, always making me wonder if it would die then and there. Also, here's ruddy British Mum and children.

I was just talking to a friend about the Wedgwood china you see in the back cabinet. My xh has that set which included almost all the pieces made in the Black Florentine pattern. It was one of the benefits of living in England when the $ was strong. And yes, a cake dotted with Smarties.

Not the greatest photo but one in which you can see the clothing of the era. Note the length of my dress. I had others that were shorter...

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