Thursday, August 3, 2017

TBT: Summer of '67

Fifty years ago I was living in San Angelo, Texas and waiting for my first child to be born. Standing on the entry to our house on West Harris, we must have come from church as we're both dressed up a bit. I loved that maternity dress which my mother made for me. Almost all my maternity clothes were from her work. She worried that the hems were going to be a bit off since she was in Maryland and I was in Texas so no standing on the kitchen table for hemming.

I wonder who took this photo - a friend I guess - but as it's the only one of this day I can't be sure. Of course in those days, a photo meant film and film was expensive and so was the developing and printing. So different today, isn't it!

I also note that here my then husband is wearing the Rolex watch I gave him for our wedding. He later bought himself a digital watch and the Rolex was left in a piece of furniture in Iran. So much for wedding gifts from his bride!

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