Thursday, August 17, 2017

TBT: The 1940s Swingers

Back in the 1940s this photo was taken of my maternal grandmother Mary Rose flanked by her daughter in law Florence on the left and her daughter, my mother, Mary aka Pat on the right. I am looking at my Aunt in a suit, my Mother in what looks like a wool skirt and Nana in a dress made of...cotton? rayon? light wool? I imaging that most of this clothing was home made. Nana and my Mother were quite the seamstresses as most women were in that time.

This was in the early 40s before I was born so I'm thinking  it was 1942, the year that both my Aunt and my Mother were married. They would both have been in their 20s while my grandmother was 46. Amazing how 46 looked back then, isn't it. How happy they all look here, yet Aunt Florence would be a widow in 1945 when her husband's plane crashed in India, and Nana would also become a widow in 1947 when her husband died of MS and Black Lung. My Mother would find that her WWII husband would not die but would come home with many issues that led to an unhappy marriage for the next 30 years. The ups and downs of life.

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