Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Project Life: Week 30 (or rather Week 31!)

Did some scrapping yesterday but ran into the issue of Adobe vs Apple. It happens and has happened over the years but this time it was an issue actually acknowledged by Apple. I didn't feel as though I wanted to go through their work around right now especially as this answer was written in Nov 2016 and it's now Aug 2017. pfffft

Correct Answer by Sandeep Singh on Nov 1, 2016 4:18 AM
Hi David,

Thanks for explaining the issue here. There are some bad folders in the system we need to remove them

Mainly, I can't install actions and after all these years, I don't remember how to do some things manually vs actions. But I did get the print size done and it was only the web size that got a bit wonky.


Well actually, this wasn't week 30 it turns out. It was week 31 and it started on July 30! That will be a fix - later! But it did get me to turn on the Week notification in Calendar. So many things to remember.

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