Thursday, July 20, 2017

TBT: From 3 Come 9

Oh my, I have fallen down on my plan to scan images on Thursdays. It's something I really don't enjoy but I want to do it as I'm usually the only one who knows who the people are in the photo and when it was taken. So here's a recent scan, not corrected for the yellow cast. Sometimes I leave those, and sometimes I correct them.

Ruth was my neighbor in England and actually a student at the same high school I attended. We didn't know each other in high school as she was two years behind me but I recognized her when we moved into our adjoining houses in Knaresborough. Her youngest, here in the center, was the same age as my only son (then) who became my oldest child as time went on.

This 1975 photo was taken on their one time break from English living in their home in Pennsylvania. It was a lovely old home but sure required a lot of renovation and upkeep. Those fireplaces had a real purpose!

Ruth's three children have now provided her with 9 grandchildren and fortunately for her they all live in Maryland. So when she crosses the pond, it gives her the ability to see them all! One fell swoop!

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