Thursday, June 29, 2017

TBThursday: I Know That Outfit!

You know how when you click an ad in any social media these days, you then see that ad everywhere you click. "The Google" knows... Well, I saw a navy dress that had a white collar, very prim looking, and while I don't need anything like that as my working days are over, it appealed to me. Today looking through old images, old like in 1971, I saw this.

It's no wonder I liked it. I had a pants suit like it back 46 years ago. gasp. Here with my eldest son and only one at the time, I believe I'm at the airport. It looks like my mother is going back to the US. I wonder how much he remembers his grandmother who died 10 years later of cancer. But here she's whispering to him ...last minute love?

I remember that suit of hers and the mink hat. I thought she was so old. She was 54. Oh how our perspectives change with time. Now that age seems so...young?

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