Friday, June 2, 2017

Five on Friday: June 2, 2017

After all the rain, we have had two days of sun! It's amazing!  I think I could get used to this and then of course, I'll complain that it's too hot. Familiar?

1. This quote is just lovely but I'm afraid it is so so me. Books weren't meant to sit on shelves so I can stare at all those lovely spines and gloat over my possessing them.  said by Kate at Miss Mustard Seed

2. Iced coffee is back in my life and I'm afraid it could become dangerous. It's so terribly easy to drink. I make it with decaf coffee, French Press style, and chilled overnight. Sweetened with stevia, and made milky with whole milk. Easy to make and oh baby easy to drink. The gray cup is for tea and the brown one is! That was the last of the hot coffee.

3.  There are some books that I  dole out to myself. The Louise  Penny ones fit into that category.  When I get one I do read it in about two days. I don't gobble it but I read it kind of straight through. Fortunately, I'm only up to the 5th book I think. The latest one of the Inspector Gamache mysteries I read was The Brutal Telling. Loved loved it. I always wondered how easy it was to fall in love with Gamache in these stories. Well this week I  read that Penny has based him on her husband who sadly and recently died.  Yes, the love comes through. While this is the one I just read, I seriously suggest you start at the beginning of the series and get to know the cast of characters who will become people you'll know well. Not all will be friends...

4. Today I am painting outside. No not Art but rather the back panels that are holding new lights outside our back door. I never liked the ones we put there when we renovated in...2004. However, there they were and so I just ignored them. However, eventually they started to look ratty so when I saw ones that had non-replaceable LED lights at Costco, in my cart they went. Photos next week.

5. There needs to be a grocery run today also. I'm not clear why he buys what he does when he goes for groceries himself but at least that does make my list a little shorter. Meaning I buy what he uses but it doesn't always seem to be reciprocated.  Ah marriage..

Have a great weekend and be sure to do something fun for yourself!

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