Thursday, May 4, 2017

TBT: Bound for Texas via Mississippi

I have not scanned photos or slides in many a day. It's not a process I enjoy so I can always find something else to occupy myself. However, I do try to make some effort on Thursdays to deal with my abundance of images. I really wish that my dh would scan another photo album for me!

These two slides were ones taken after my first marriage in April 1966.  Had we not divorced it would have been 51 years this year. Amazing... After a honeymoon in Quebec we drove back to Maryland and set off for his next duty station in the wilds of Texas. While my father had driven us to Florida in 1955 for a Christmas trip, we never had those long cross country trips that many other families did in the 50s. So my sight of the Mississippi River was a big deal to me and I managed this shot. Apparently it was the first shot on a roll of slide film and thus the yellow on one side.

Coming down from the north through Tennessee, I know we crossed at Memphis which I do not remember at all. I suspect we may have arrived at this point at night and just moved on in the morning.  In any case, I did ask my husband to let me take the next photo. Mississippi brought mental images of the horrors of the Civil Rights Movement to my mind. Murders, bombings and the power of the KKKlan were more representative of Mississippi than magnolias in 1966. I was really glad to get though that state and on to Texas.

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