Friday, May 26, 2017

Five on Friday: May 26, 2017

Another week and a couple of things on my mind...

1. After a week of rain, I do hope that this Friday is mostly sunny. Today is the USNA graduation and while I would certainly like Pence to be as far away from my house as possible, I know having the graduation indoors is not ideal. You (the mids) wait 4 years for your day in the stadium after the last march from the Academy out Rowe Boulevard to your seats. But if weather makes it an indoors graduation? meh.

2. I am rather impressed with myself that I am actually au courant with my Project Life. I don't know how long that will last but I also don't care. It's kind of like seeing the number on the scale go down a pound or two. For me, that rarely lasts and I suspect it will be the same way with PL. No biggie but fun while it happens.

3. The rain this week has been pretty darn heavy at times. I could hear the sump pump in the cellar cycling on and off. Thanks to all that be, the French drains have been working a charm and I still tend to be surprised when I check the cellar and the floor is dry. appears that all that water going where it should be has hit our old drains hard. We had this yesterday. Fortunately this was more coffee grounds type soil like than shit like. Time to have our drains snaked though.

4. I have been reading a blog that originates in Yorkshire England. The author's husband (The Farmer) died recently and it's been heartening to see how the village has stepped up to support her and keep her going. The death was not unexpected but still, it's death. If you want to read some simple posts on 'getting on with it' try The Weaver of Grass.

5. Because of that aforementioned graduation, I and many others are sticking to home today. When there's a big event, our waterfront city roads become totally blocked. Parents and family driving in are frantic to Get There and many have no idea where they are going. Street parking is off limits in the blocks closest and $20 a car is the standard price for the schools and residents who want to rent out their front lawn or driveway for the day. Naturally, many visitors today bypass all this and think they will find a free spot. If they do, you can usually spot them as Mom, Grandma and teenage daughters totter on new heels as Dad, Grandpa, and sons storm ahead from a good distance, usually in Maryland heat and humidity. Not the ideal start to what should be a good day. At least it's not horrendously hot and humid today - yet.  God bless them all!

Have a great weekend and do something fun!

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