Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Project Life Continues: Week 19

I got myself on a roll last week and got caught up. Well not including week 21 and this being week 22.  I could have done 21 yesterday but it was a holiday. (As if a holiday makes much difference when you're retired!)  A friend also has some serious issues going on in her life and that occupied my mind a bit. In any case here's week 19.

I decided to keep May with a lot of blue, this week with pink to show that spring really arrived. Maybe I'll have blue and yellow colors for the Navy graduation last week. We'll see but soon we'll be half done with the year. How time does fly!

Monday, May 29, 2017

Never Forget

Ten years ago I went into Washington DC to the Vietnam Memorial. It was a horribly hot and humid day, so much like the weather in South East Asia.

This woman seemed to represent all of us. Sometimes you just can't cope with your emotion. Sometimes you need to let a photo or a memorial help you release the pain that's inside.

Later I walked back downtown and sat on the curb watching the Rolling Thunder. And yes, I cried.

Will we ever stop...

Friday, May 26, 2017

Five on Friday: May 26, 2017

Another week and a couple of things on my mind...

1. After a week of rain, I do hope that this Friday is mostly sunny. Today is the USNA graduation and while I would certainly like Pence to be as far away from my house as possible, I know having the graduation indoors is not ideal. You (the mids) wait 4 years for your day in the stadium after the last march from the Academy out Rowe Boulevard to your seats. But if weather makes it an indoors graduation? meh.

2. I am rather impressed with myself that I am actually au courant with my Project Life. I don't know how long that will last but I also don't care. It's kind of like seeing the number on the scale go down a pound or two. For me, that rarely lasts and I suspect it will be the same way with PL. No biggie but fun while it happens.

3. The rain this week has been pretty darn heavy at times. I could hear the sump pump in the cellar cycling on and off. Thanks to all that be, the French drains have been working a charm and I still tend to be surprised when I check the cellar and the floor is dry. However...it appears that all that water going where it should be has hit our old drains hard. We had this yesterday. Fortunately this was more coffee grounds type soil like than shit like. Time to have our drains snaked though.

4. I have been reading a blog that originates in Yorkshire England. The author's husband (The Farmer) died recently and it's been heartening to see how the village has stepped up to support her and keep her going. The death was not unexpected but still, it's death. If you want to read some simple posts on 'getting on with it' try The Weaver of Grass.

5. Because of that aforementioned graduation, I and many others are sticking to home today. When there's a big event, our waterfront city roads become totally blocked. Parents and family driving in are frantic to Get There and many have no idea where they are going. Street parking is off limits in the blocks closest and $20 a car is the standard price for the schools and residents who want to rent out their front lawn or driveway for the day. Naturally, many visitors today bypass all this and think they will find a free spot. If they do, you can usually spot them as Mom, Grandma and teenage daughters totter on new heels as Dad, Grandpa, and sons storm ahead from a good distance, usually in Maryland heat and humidity. Not the ideal start to what should be a good day. At least it's not horrendously hot and humid today - yet.  God bless them all!

Have a great weekend and do something fun!

Monday, May 22, 2017

AAM Monday: Project Life Week 18

A week that had gorgeous weather and a visit from two of Dick's cousins. When the ladies are in their 80s each visit is a blessing. Ginger has always been a hardy one and despite being in a wheelchair she drove from out Leesburg VA way to Annapolis. Beltway driving is a challenge for anyone but these two just keep on keepin' on.

Friday, May 19, 2017

The heat...oh the Heat!

All the rain we had, all the nights we had the gas fireplaces lit as we sat and read, each one of us getting chillier and chillier until one said...Turn the Jotul on.  I will never stop being grateful to Dick for talking me into gas fireplaces. Yes, I miss the scent of wood smoke but not as much as I love having instant heat. Well all that ended this week...and I'm counting the days til there's a chill in the air again!

But now we are in the 'install the last window a/c units'. Every year, there is a problem with one or the other or as it is this year with two. Putting the units in the cellar seems to bring issues with the effin accordion panels on the sides. Plus the unit installed in my studio does not seem to cool at all and Mr. Engineer has determined that the coolant may have leaked out somewhere, sometime. This room rarely gets below 80° now. Not good. Not good at all.

I am now tasked with checking Best Buy on line to see what units fit the profile he's given me. The trouble is I have to do this research in the hot humid room without working a/c. I'm trying to be grateful for such 1st world problems but right now it's not that easy. I'm getting there because I can laugh at the 'privilege' of it all.

And people wonder why I don't want to go to Costa Rica.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

It's That Time - To The Clothesline!

When I was a little girl and in the care of my grandmother, I spent my days observing her do the daily chores in a house in Pennsylvania and then later in Maryland. I remember some of the cooking, mainly the baking when she would let me pay with the bits of dough or even better scraps of pie crust. I could sprinkle sugar on those scraps and have my own little baked goods as a snack.

But surprisingly what I remember enjoying the most was the laundry. In the earliest years, I know she had a wringer washing machine that I was seriously warned against. Arms could be lost if they went through that wringer. Of course it was a fascinating thing to see the sopping wet cloths be fed through those cylinders. But the warnings were strong enough that I don't recall every getting too near the machine much less 'testing' it with my fingers.

But in later years, we had a regular washer but maybe not a dryer. I know we had one by the time I was in high school but it's the grade school years I remember. Nana would carry the laundry basket, already pre sorted, out to the back yard. I would often sit on the grass under the clothes line and hand her the clothes pins. The sheets would be shaken hard and make a snapping noise. I don't think the sheets were ever ironed because they came off that line smooth from a good snap and the wind that blew through them.  Like went with like. Sheets were hung with sheets, towels with towels, underpants with underpants etc. Just like with cooking, a little prep at the beginning made the rest of the process smooth and the later putting away was almost easy with that initial sorting.

Toda was the first day I hung towels and other whites out on the line. Towels and other heavies usually get 10 minutes in the dryer first to fluff them a bit before they go outside. I often think of my Nana when I do this although I have been less than a proper housewife because I  have not only left my clothespins on the line but have even left clothes out overnight. I often wonder if that overnight business became a taboo because of homes heated with coal and the resultant ash falling on those newly clean clothes. In any case, if the sun doesn't dry everything today, I can always pop them into the dryer for 10 minutes and still have the scent of line hung clothes all dried in a day. Old memories and modern solutions.

Monday, May 15, 2017

AAM Monday: Project Life Week 17

I always think the weather doesn't affect me much. Let it rain, let it rain. But of course I am as affected as the next person and lots of rain makes me really want to snuggle in and do very little. Well  read and watch movies. Maybe eat popcorn. Week 17 was nothing like that with the sun shining on my cherry blossoms. However, that would come to an end in week 18 when they became a soggy mess. I hate to sweep them up when they are so so pretty but more often than not I pay the price.

That wedding dress only had the beaded sash removed yesterday. I guess it was fitting that I did it on Mothers' Day. It's a mother kind of job, isn't it. And as much as I gripe about the heat, I was just about done with all the rain we had last week. I even watched a movie in bed. It was that kind of week. It just wasn't week 17 which says I'm a bit behind with this Project Life thing. Not that I care much. Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good I say and mostly I believe that.

Monday, May 8, 2017

AAM Monday: Project Life Week 15

Spring was heading in but not nearly as hot as it often is the week before the General Assembly ends. The cherry blossom season at my house did start and stayed with some crispy days. I have both summer and winter clothes hanging on the closet doors and all about my bedroom. I can never tell just what kind of clothes I'll need. So much for getting my clothes out the night before!

We also had a pre-Easter dinner with Maria on the prior Saturday. Warm enough to sit outside but only just. Great food and the kind of views that make Annapolis famous.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

TBT: Bound for Texas via Mississippi

I have not scanned photos or slides in many a day. It's not a process I enjoy so I can always find something else to occupy myself. However, I do try to make some effort on Thursdays to deal with my abundance of images. I really wish that my dh would scan another photo album for me!

These two slides were ones taken after my first marriage in April 1966.  Had we not divorced it would have been 51 years this year. Amazing... After a honeymoon in Quebec we drove back to Maryland and set off for his next duty station in the wilds of Texas. While my father had driven us to Florida in 1955 for a Christmas trip, we never had those long cross country trips that many other families did in the 50s. So my sight of the Mississippi River was a big deal to me and I managed this shot. Apparently it was the first shot on a roll of slide film and thus the yellow on one side.

Coming down from the north through Tennessee, I know we crossed at Memphis which I do not remember at all. I suspect we may have arrived at this point at night and just moved on in the morning.  In any case, I did ask my husband to let me take the next photo. Mississippi brought mental images of the horrors of the Civil Rights Movement to my mind. Murders, bombings and the power of the KKKlan were more representative of Mississippi than magnolias in 1966. I was really glad to get though that state and on to Texas.

Monday, May 1, 2017

AAM Monday: Project Life Week 14

Ah it was a weekend of hot humid days but then the temperature dropped so that the a/c wouldn't really kick in at night. At least we aren't in the MidWest with the terrible storms they're having. Kansas expecting a blizzard???

So what did week 14 look like? Like this.

A week where we had spring starting but my DIL had a 30° morning to go to work in Boston. It wasn't that long ago. Well, now that I look at the calendar, it was a month ago! Time flies so I must be having fun, right?  Right!

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