Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Travel With Me Tuesday: Across to Rock Hall

Now onto the wedding rehearsal photos. Remember the bride and groom had made all these plans for a MD wedding when they were living in SoCAL. Then in February, his Fairmont Hotel was sold to Marriott. 60 days to get new jobs somewhere in the country and do all the final, move AND do all the bits and pieces of the wedding. It's amazing how much they did and are now both living and working at jobs in downtown Boston. Kudos kiddos!

The groomsman Kurt and his wife Jenn from Seattle meet Dick in the sitting room of the Inn. It was a long trip for them so shortly after this they rested after their flight.

Jim the co-owner of the Inn but, for a change, with no dogs about.

We all went outside with Mary the officiant to rehearse. It was a gorgeous day, the kind we hoped to have for the actual wedding.

One of the dogs had an 'issue' and dragged his rear across the ground for quite a while. This was a heads up to look where we walked and hope there was someone with a pooper-scooper for the day of the wedding.

Matron of Honor Lindsey is 7 months pregnant in these shots and daddy John is minding little Declan.  Merida the flower girl is listening carefully while Derek the Best Man wonders how his 5 month old son is holding up back in the Inn.

Somewhere in the background the father of the groom is not sure where he is to be. We know it will all work out.

Mary gives Stephanie the instructions on passing the bouquet back to Lindsey. With Drama! Fortunately, the dog has completed his 'business'. 

The bride and groom are told to practice a long kiss. One hundred one, one hundred two, one hundred three.

And so the rehearsal went well, the kisses were kissed, and we went off for the rehearsal dinner.

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