Thursday, April 13, 2017

TBT: Dolls Don't Appeal to Everyone circa 1945

Recently, I found this photo of me and my cousin Joe. I'd say we are about 4-5 years old here. We are - obviously- in my bedroom with all my dolls, stuffed animals, and other toys on the decorated bookcase. Now there is no doubt that I was a little ham even then but apparently Joe did not want to have evidence of his doll-playing days. I have to laugh as he is a man with a 'harem' - one wife and three daughters and some granddaughters also!

I find the details of the photo fascinating - the little doll table and chairs, the usual scrapes on my legs showing I played hard, the old wooden blinds with tape that was often replaced, the Art Deco turnings on the wood bed? So much to see in old photos that give a feeling for the time.

Also looking in detail on the shoes I'm wearing I suspect they are a pair of my mother's or grandmother's. And, I'll bet that the socks are red because I have my heart pinafore on.  Maybe, maybe not.

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