Thursday, April 20, 2017

TBT: 1967 The Dog and US

Despite the Dec 1967 tag on the photo, I know this one was taken earlier. We have summer warmish weather clothes on so I'm guessing it's October right after I flew from Texas home to MD. You have to know that when we were using film in those days, we waited until the roll was finished to have it developed and printed. No instant gratification in those pre-digital times.

But here we are with our newborn son and my faithful dog and perhaps she's wondering if she was being displaced. Her name was Mayda as her mother was a beagle who at some time 'made a mistake' in mating with an obviously hairy dog. She slept with me in my high school and college years and then really bonded to my mother when I got married. Ah have it right. You're no longer #1 in my life! This little boy has taken your place!

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