Friday, April 28, 2017

Five on Friday: April 28, 2017

Well it's been quite a while since I did a fiver. But right now I've had a good couple of weeks and am totally grateful for that. I can look beyond the utter clutter that fills my upstairs as I keep trying to sort out the fallout from adding another double bed. In time, in time...

1. The rain has finally ended! I think the rain doesn't bother me but as we've had the a/c on already this spring, to have chilly rainy days is upsetting. I had to turn the heat on once in a while during the day and my computer gloves have been used. I'm going to keep them on the desk...just in case.

2. All that overcast rain did lead to great great sleeping weather. Sadly I realize I can't sleep beyond 06:30 much anymore. Plus if I sleep in the studio bed I have the computer set to come on at that time. Actually, it's a good time to get up!

3. In Googling my old 1976 Leeds United-W.B. Albion 'programme' on eBay, I found a program from the 1974 Liverpool-Leeds game. The game that Steve Heighway scored the winning goal and the game where I won the pool. It is also where I got my Liverpool scarf that god willing my grandson still has. My programme wasn't listed and the other comparable ones were selling for $1. That Liverpool-Leeds one was going for £16. I guess I'll keep mine and let my descendants sort it out.

4. One serious downside to that week of rain was that the beautiful cherry blossoms got so soaked. It's often what happens. Gorgeous days of blossoms and then Bam! the rains come and it's a soggy mess. I did sweep away loads of them yesterday which is not easy once they're wet and clumpy. Another year, another mess. 

5. Today I'm finally taking myself up to Costco. It's a 20mile drive and I didn't need a lot so I've procrastinated on it. I can also get gas i.e. diesel fuel on my way at a station that has a diesel pump at EVERY island! I love love love that whereas so many stations only have 1 diesel pump and it's a nightmare navigating to snag that pump AND have the correct side of the car next to the pump. Now I just have to make sure to have a list so my round trip isn't wasted.

Have a great weekend and see you on Monday! Ciao!

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