Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Travel With Me Tuesday: Via Project Life

I can't believe a week went by without another blog post. Where was I and what was I doing? Oh yes,  cleaning up the wreckage left after three bedrooms were moved about. He did all the hard work while I was gone but then I had the dusty mess left. Lots of books that "I" would have dusted first to clean and cull. In any case a lot is left but only in my studio. I have hope.

So you do get a batch of Project Life today just to show I did live recently and some of that time was in NC. That's travel!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Travel With Me Tuesday: Oh York, I Love You So

Our day started with a pickup by our driver and then later a switch to a shuttle bus to take us into York. We passed the train station and started to walk walk walk.

The River Ouse flowed quietly along the trees and endless green.

I have a strange look on my face but at least there's a photo of me with the Minster showing its towers . I love this view.

This entrance into the city of York is full of views that go back hundreds of years. The wall, the towers, the gate keepers home...all images that hint of the Norse city, the Roman city and on and on.

Dick and our guide look at building after building while the Minster waits for our arrival.

So many buildings that I have seen many times in years past but on this day we had no time. York is worthy of so  much more time.

I catch up with our guide who appears to check the sky. More rain or not. You never can tell in England.

One last glimpse of another place that we won't visit on this day and then we go to the Minster, the centerpiece of our day in York. The place I visited Saturday after Saturday when I took my boys shopping in the market. A Saturday routine over 40 years ago. On this day, just a taste of what was.

Monday, March 13, 2017

AAM Monday: Project Life Week 7

Valentine's week but without red. I really liked this soft peachy color this week.  We did have our normal lunch at the Severn Inn and as normal it was brisk. No snow however which was fine with me. I'm happy with the cold though.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

TBT: Back When I Made Baklava

Back in 2011, I got a recipe from a woman on line and decided to make this baklava. None of it is very hard other than keeping the phyllo from not drying out. Also keeping the butter melted for brushing the phyllo was not so easy as our soapstone counters quickly pull the heat from hot foods. In any case, the baklava was perfect, well perfect for a homemade version and to me, a non baklava eater.

One of the dinner guests never eats dessert. He had at least three pieces...

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

It Passed!

Once again, it was a Monday that was crazy with a trip to the Apple store to see if my iMac was ok. Yes, it was - big sigh of relief. Apparently what the iMac needed was to be unplugged. That's an old trick that I tend to forget. When in doubt, turn the machine off AND unplug for a bit. Simple, isn't it!

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