Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Travel With Me Tuesday: Fish and Chips!

I wanted fish and chips the way it was in the old days. Ok, they no longer sell fish and chips wrapped in newspaper and the vinegar is not automatic but still. We had walked past this shop on our way home from out day out in Harrogate and this it was. Lovely fat chips and lashings of tea. Tea with sugar and milk for me. Black tea for him. We both got the fish - haddock? - and I got pickled onions also but not shown. Oh it was good! Admittedly we were sitting in a cafe not walking back to our place with a bundle of dinner in our arms but it filled the need of memory.

After chomping away for a good bit  we noticed there was an occasion noise from the booth behind Dick. However I couldn't see anyone and even went to the bathroom to have a look at what might be in that booth. Finally he tried to take as subtle a selfie kind of photo as possible. We decided, because of the white purse on the table, it was a small woman or child, hopefully just asleep. Some things just have to remain mysteries it seems.

I was happily stuffed and ready to walk back to our flat with a full tummy and a happy heart.

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