Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Travel With Me Tuesday: Fish and Chips!

I wanted fish and chips the way it was in the old days. Ok, they no longer sell fish and chips wrapped in newspaper and the vinegar is not automatic but still. We had walked past this shop on our way home from out day out in Harrogate and this it was. Lovely fat chips and lashings of tea. Tea with sugar and milk for me. Black tea for him. We both got the fish - haddock? - and I got pickled onions also but not shown. Oh it was good! Admittedly we were sitting in a cafe not walking back to our place with a bundle of dinner in our arms but it filled the need of memory.

After chomping away for a good bit  we noticed there was an occasion noise from the booth behind Dick. However I couldn't see anyone and even went to the bathroom to have a look at what might be in that booth. Finally he tried to take as subtle a selfie kind of photo as possible. We decided, because of the white purse on the table, it was a small woman or child, hopefully just asleep. Some things just have to remain mysteries it seems.

I was happily stuffed and ready to walk back to our flat with a full tummy and a happy heart.

Monday, February 20, 2017

AAM Monday: Project Life Week 6

February needs a good bit of red in my mind. While we don't do a lot to celebrate Valentine's day/month, I do like to brighten the month with red. Ditto some PL weeks!

I am also using at least one black card each week to show my own support for resistance to all the terrible appointments we are getting in our federal agencies. Moderation seems to be history.

Note: For some reason the background paper looks darker on the 2nd page. I'll have to check that before it goes to printing.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

TBT: More of a 1971 Sunny Day in Yorkshire

In 2014, I did an earlier post about this day in Yorkshire. There is not a lot of rhyme or reason to some of my older scanning I fear. Now I am paying the price and going through albums in order. These photos tell more of that earlier story. I now see that we had a day in the Yorkshire Dales and yes, as my friend Cat noted, not as close to my Knaresborough home as I'd said. She was living in Yorkshire when I wrote the first post and went "over the top' to Skipton a lot more than I ever did.

My cousin Donnie, who was about 15 then, down at the water with my son and husband. There was nothing my son loved more than skipping stones in the river, here the River Wharfe.

I don't know exactly where in the Dales this was exactly  but it certainly gives you an idea of the height of that massive rock formation. Lots of open land for little boys to run and run also.

Not many trips up here after we had two sons and not many days I remember as sunny and bright. These days were special.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Travel Wit Me Tuesday: A Stop in Knaresborough

December 8, 2016 our driver picked us up in Harrogate for a day in York. I had said I wanted to stop at #7 Crestholme Close but as we drove through Knaresborough, I decided that it was the only stop I wanted. I might have enjoyed a day walking around the town but just not that day. I was still tired and York would be enough for a down memory lane day. However, this was the stop I wanted.

It was a long time since I had actually stood on this spot. This house was built in 1968 and we moved in probably in late September or early October of that year. We stayed until summer of 1975 when we left England. A long time for us, though we didn't know how full of moves our future would be.

Monday, February 13, 2017

AAM Monday: Project Life Week 5

Wow. There wasn't a lot of blogging last week and I really can't say why. But in any case here are the pages from Week 5. That was the week that started in January and ended in February. Those are funny weeks to me...again, I don't know why! This color combo is one of my favorites...midnight blue, gold and a peachy pink. Dark nights and warm fires.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Travel With Me Tuesday: Exploring Harrogate

After a good night's sleep via Ambien for me, we awoke to an overcast damp day in Harrogate. That was fine with me as it was more or less the kind of weather I remembered. Dick was up and out earlier than I was but as my tea was made, I was content. One of the first things I did was put all my travel stickers and labels into a ziplock bag. I try to keep all my various receipts and ephemera in there so little bits don't make clutter in my purse or get forgotten.

After eating at our own pace we went out to walk down into town, and the walk took us through the Valley Gardens which was across from our front door - if we had had access to our front door. This airbnb was entered at the back, as the once single family home had been converted into flats.

The Pinewoods, known to us back then as the Piney Woods, was UP the hill and while we never went in that direction on this trip, I often took that walk back in the day. I had time, an under 1yr old baby  and a then-husband working shift work and often asleep in the daytime. 

No school children about and the mums and pre-schoolers must have been home with Christmas prep.

The gardens are so peaceful in the winter, full of various shades of green and lots of benches for sitting and quietly thinking.

The sound of the waterfall was always a treat.

Then once down and out of the Valley Gardens and back up into town, we explored. Not a lot came back to me but once in a while a memory flashed back and it seemed familiar. 40 years is a long time!

Everything stops for tea...and more so for lunch. This gave me a good laugh and I wondered what project they were working on as they were sitting inside a building being renovated. n.b. the man on the far right with his flask of tea or coffee. So so typical. This reminded us it was time for our lunch. Dick agreed with me that Betty's sounded just right.

He had sausages and mash with red cabbage. 

I had bacon rosti with red cabbage.

And we both had a pot of tea. Decaf for me and Lapsong Souchang for him. Sadly no pastries for either of us. We did try to be good  - on occasion!

Monday, February 6, 2017

AAM Monday: Project Life Week 4

I had great intentions of doing Week 5 yesterday but as with many good plans it's still a thought not an action. Somehow the morning started of more slowly than I'd hoped. Probably due to a trip across the Bay and a dinner there and then a long good sleep, albeit on a full stomach. In any case, I managed to do a bunch of computer cleanup that was a month overdue. 

Then in that mood, I forged ahead and tagged two months of digi supplies. When I'm in the right mood, I'm willing to tag the various elements which takes the most time but results in the most reward. You know...there comes a day when you want a squirrel element for a page and god bless the designers....some of them still name that element...designer name, kit name, element #7. Oh that helps a lot! So my Lightroom tagging to the rescue!

btw, I don't know who is the owner of that black adulating quote on top of the green triangle card, but if it's your's - claim it and I'll credit you!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

TBT: Some Ways To Make It Happen

Thursday is my normal day to work on old photos or slides. Since I have a few pages that can now go from blogpost to scrapbook page and I have a tray of slides that need to be - ugh - scanned, I'll leave your with this post from Houzz. Me? I'll be on it. Bit by bit it can get done. Or so they say!

Sabrina Has a Giveaway!

Sabrina, one of the designers at The Lilypad as Sabrina's Creations,  has a giveaway on her blog! She makes beautiful clean and simple designs and I think you'll want to have a go at winning her new kit! Isn't it pretty? Click below to have a chance at winning this digi collection.

 Click the image to go to the post and scroll down


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