Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Travel With Me Tuesday: We Settle Into Harrogate

Well after the slog up the hill to our flat, I wasn't sure I could make the last block or two up the alleyway/street and the steps up the back entrance. Naturally, the # didn't seem very obvious to either of us, so I just stood, considering that I might just croak there and then. But finally Dick found the right building, found the key in the lockbox and in we went.  A lovely view out towards the Valley Gardens. It was a calm and peaceful feeling flat.

And as night settled in the sky was all pinky purple. I've forgotten what time the sun set then, but we were quite a bit more north than we are home in Maryland. The days in England were short and the nights were long.

I turned the little Christmas tree on since it probably would be our only one in 2016.

Soon, it was time for us to put our coats on and head back down Cold Bath Road to dinner with my former neighbor in Knaresborough. It had been 30 years since we'd seen each other and marriages had ended, new marriages had happened, children were grown themselves and there was a large flock of grandchildren from our many combined children. Lots to catch up on AND eat. Thank you Ruth and John for taking the time - the night before YOUR trip - to meet up with us.

But eventually all things end and it had been a long long day for us and the final packing for them. We went our separate ways out into the night hoping it won't be another 30 years!

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