Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Travel With Me Tuesday: We Leave for England

Much of a vacation is the to-ing and fro-ing. I usually consider this the worst part but sometimes if I take my time and observe it can be pretty damn good. There's what I call the final cut. Unfortunately, I was distracted at the last minute and neglected to pack a fleece or down sleeveless vest. Big Mistake.

Off to BWI for a BA flight. People always say..Is it a direct flight? Now that is good because direct means you don't change planes. But what I want to know is it a NON_STOP flight??? I get on here and get off there, wherever my there destination is. Well BA's non-stop BWI-LHR is as good as it gets for where we live. I'll take it!

This end of the terminal is clean and rarely crowded. Perfect.

A leisurely walk and despite the attractiveness of the child play area, it was only for adults WITH a child. I moved on. Then came the wait.  The staff called many many peoples' names asking that they come up to the counter. I watched. They didn't come and it became almost like a game.  Will they check in? will they make the flight?

We were told it was a sold out flight but once on board we found there were empty seats. Apparently some people just didn't make it.

This seemed to be a weird configuration and we wondered if we'd have this peepy hole for the full flight. No we didn't but I missed seeing that empty space get filled. Magic I presume!

Time to go to sleep and wake up in London! Thank you Ambien.

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