Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Travel With Me Tuesday: Hello and Goodbye London - Hello Harrogate

Waking up in London is always nice. Then there's airplane brekkie. It was pretty good though we both passed on the granola bar. Dry as sand but then granola often is.


I wish I had kept the little box but for some foolish reason I trashed it. Silly me. At least I have the photo!

Once we had our bags and whisked though passport and customs, we each got more money though we had £70 which was a good start. An exhale and a sit down for some coffee. There he is going back for a spoon or napkin or sweetener. Giraffe coffee was good enough for me but not him. Nothing new about that as it's rarely strong enough for 'the man'.

After a train ride INTO London, we found our train at Kings Cross up to Leeds. Getting from Heathrow to Harrogate involved a few more changes than it had 'back in the day.' London to Leeds was done in sunny weather which was nice as it had been a long time since I'd seen the countryside or citywide as it is below.

He read and I looked out the window on my side of the car. I was also facing the correct way. I really don't like looking backwards. Do you?

Once in Leeds we changed to a train to Harrogate.

Now Headingly might not mean much to you unless you're a cricket fan. My 2nd son was born in Yorkshire so he is the only one in the family who 'could' qualify to play for Yorkshire and if your family are cricket fanatics...er fans...then that is a Big Deal. We're not.

Finally we arrived in Harrogate and after dragging our suitcases up a couple of stairs from the actual train platform we made it to flat ground. Yay! Then it was  off to our AirBnB.  Funny the things that memory erases...

We walked through town from the station across a bit of the Stray and reached Cold Bath Road. When I used to walk up and down Cold Bath in the summer of 1968, I was considerably younger. Uh, almost 50 years younger. I had no recollection of the hill it was!! With the trouble I was having breathing and coughing, let's just say the climb was a challenge. We had to stop a couple of times for me to catch my breath and finally we saw a coffee shop and blessedly were able to have cappuccinos and a sit down. I was seriously worried about my shortness of breath but it plagued me the entire trip. Fortunately, as long as I stopped when I could I could get it back.

Yes, here we were in northern England having coffees not tea. Let me tell you they were a blessing. We still had a couple of blocks to climb and then cut across to the Valley Gardens to find our home for three days.

Onward and upward...groan.

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