Thursday, January 19, 2017

TBT: We're All Doubtful About Clowns

Wy back in 2002, this little pumpkin was not so sure about the clown hired for her birthday party. It was only her 3rd birthday and it was a party with a clown, lots of people and two cakes. As the years went by, birthdays became simpler as the tend to do.

Clowns etc really sounds like a good idea when you want to make your little girl have the best party ever but some things just have to be learned. I look back on photos of my own first birthday and even in war time (WWII) it was over the top!  I wonder if birthday clowns are still hired. Only birthday girl's cousin seems to enjoy him.  Her brother, with the camo face paint, also looks dubious.

Then again, when birthday girl's father has his 3rd or 4th birthday, one of the chunky 4 year old neighborhood girls almost tipped the swing set over with her energetic swinging. Fortunately, we got her off the swing but not happily. Childhood birthday parties...all part of the parenting experience.

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