Thursday, January 5, 2017

TBT: That Winter of 1966

As we hear ifs and maybes about upcoming snow, I'm looking at images of a snowfall back in 1966. My husband and I drove up from our new home in San Angelo TX to the Washington DC suburbs that had been our childhood homes.  It was a Christmas time visit that only the young would attempt. On the day shown in these photos we decided to drive to the new town of Reston. Prior to the Beltway opening in 1964, this would have been a long and tedious drive. However, in 1966 the drive was quick and enjoyable. Try to say that today!

My then husband surveys the surroundings. I don't think he was as impressed by Reston as I was but then I had a friend who worked for the Rouse company, another big developer. New towns had caught my interest and gave me options to the dreaded suburbs of my childhood.

Our good friend Robert drove us in his ancient...Volvo? Saab?

I was pretty sure I was pregnant at this time, having had one miscarriage already. We wanted a baby born while my husband was still in the Air Force so the baby would be 'free'.  Driving back to Texas, I was sure as I had my first waves of serious nausea which was a shock to both of us.  So many things you don't know when it's your first child til you experience them. Morning sickness was only a phrase til my body explained it to me!

Whether we get snow or not this weekend, I know for sure I won't be driving to Reston, though a trip to the Leesburg outlets could be tempting...

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