Tuesday, January 3, 2017

I've been reading! 2016 Goals Met

Once again, I met my goal on Good Reads. This app has really been helpful for me to track books I want to read and check on books that are a bit iffy. I also have found more than once that a book that sounds good to me, sounds good because I read it already! Mostly if I've read something more than five years ago, I will not really remember it unless it was OUTSTANDING or a life changing book. So just g
alloping old age I'll say. But it does show my taste is pretty consistent.

You may note that 2015 is not up there. Sadly, I got a bit cocky about the number and made my goal 125. One short which is not too bad but Good Reads does not give credit for 'almost'. I've now learned to stick to 100 which I can normally surpass.  Pride goeth before the fall!

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