Friday, January 6, 2017

FIVE on Friday: January 6, 2017

1.Well the snow arrived! In our backyard, which doesn't get the sun til much later in the day if at all, the snow covers the deck and parts of the grass. Out front, it's just a sprinkling on the bushes. Usually, the snow doesn't stick to the brick driveway or walk until it's heavier. That's good because it makes walking easier.

2. I did a massive amount of grocery shopping yesterday when himself told me snow was predicted for today. I got to the store(s) round noon and they were well stocked and pretty empty. Actually by the time I got to Trader Jo's I think the word was out but it still wasn't bad. Now today and tomorrow, I'll think of things I wish I had bought. But I have to be up next to Costco next week so that may solve my 'time to get the big jugs of detergent and softener'. That's about a twice a year purchase for me.

3. Construction work stopped yesterday in our cellar. We had it waterproofed...god willing!...and the jackhammers half the day were a challenge. Fortunately, I was two floors up and put some meditation music on. There is still some final work to be done but not this week. I asked for a week off and that will also let the concrete set even more.

4. Today was another batch of steel cut oats. This time I made them with water and I don't think I like them that much that way. Normally, it's pure milk but next time I'll go with half water and half milk. What do you use?

5. Since we got DirectTV about two years ago, I have enjoyed recording various movies to watch later. Last March...yes, what can I say???...I recorded San Andreas.  I had been sooo anxious to watch it but once I had it, it never seemed the right time. kwim?  well I watched it last night with a good mug of decaf mocha. Slept like a baby but then I don't live on the left coast, do I!

Have a great weekend, snow or summer depending on your base. See you back here Monday!

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