Monday, January 2, 2017

AAM Monday; A Slow Start to a New Year

Many years, I take the time in December to clear out my computer, make a good dent in the things in my studio so I feel I have free and open space, get a handle on setting up folders for my photographs and digital layouts etc etc  2016? Not much of that done at all. There was the vacation and there was the feeling really poorly much of the time including the two days in the hospital after fainting. I've felt a lot like this falling in garage near my library. Not enough to hold myself up.

I don't like this feeling of lingering clutter and baggage from the prior year. In reality it's only a day or two "late' but it's an emotional feeling rather than one based in total reality. What I've decided to do is take some time each day to do an hour or two of that kind of work. I haven't decided if I want to make it a specific time or keep it on an ad hoc basis. I think, for me, it's better if there's a scheduled time because that feels like more of a commitment. Keep it flexible enough so that I don't feel it's a burden but scheduled so I know it's something I choose to do. I may even break the whole project down into various categories. We'll see.

I also know that I want to get back to taking daily walks.

January I've signed up to do the Month of Challenges at The Lilypad. I've enjoyed doing the 6 or 7 challenges each month in 2016 so a challenge a day is not so bad, unless I really don't like the subject of the challenge or the technique.

A friend just asked to follow me on Instagram and I see that she has really been diligent about batch making healthy lunches. There's no reason I can't do that too this year!

And it's orange time! We have navels and clementines but I hope to get some Cara Cara and blood oranges later this week or next. And on that sunny note, it's a wrap!


CameoRoze said...

I'm a day or two late, too, but working on my own "clearing up 2016" and "setting some intentions for 2017" doodlings. I found my 2016 goals list -- way too long, of course -- and realized that I DID complete two of my long-time (years and years) goals. So my List Of Possibilities is still long, but I'm enjoying a feeling of accomplishment knowing I've completed those projects.

Happy New Year, Maureen!

Maureen Reynolds said...

Thank you! I know I need to give myself some more time to reflect. Bit by bit!

Esther Andrews said...

It is an endless quest - determining what is actually feasible and enjoyable! I have surprised myself that we've been on top of the garden this spring and then I realised that this is the first year for some time that we haven't gone on vacation in the latter part of the year. It sure makes a difference! I wish you luck finding a new balance and may your roof not fall in!!

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