Friday, December 30, 2016

Five on Friday: Giving It a Go Again

1. Happily out of the hospital, and with a collection of drugs I appear t be making my way back to health.  I can spend my days out of bed and feel ok. I can do a few things without feeling exhausted. I am no longer plagued by the deep cough with it's rainbow of mucus.  So far so good.

One thing I'm not so sure about is the massive dose of prednisone which does give me energy but I am in no way sleepy at night and ended up taking a double sleeping pill last night around 1am. Tomorrow I'll try to take the prednisone around 7am if I'm up.

2. December 30 - we had a brief, very brief snow flutter. Fortunately we were both downstairs and saw it because sometimes these flutters are so short that by the time he calls me or vice versa, it's gone! I do want to go to the store today but I also hope this 2 min flutter is not going to cause a run on food.

3. I have four movies on my PlayOn  app that I had planned to download before the England trip. No did happen. So now I have four movies to watch before the end of the year. Somehow I'm thinking that they are the final free ones and the choice now is to sign up for ...what $39.95 or more? Sure not happening as I also have Amazon Prime and Netflix and that's enough. I also am not sure I want to take the time to really explore PlayOn. If you have please tell me what you found!

4. I have had a terrible time getting photos from my phone to my iMac since returning to the US. I went through the instructions on each device and no luck. I even had a message that SHOULD have been a red flag on my phone saying I had 13 images for upload when connected to WiFi. Connect to WiFi? That's the first thing I did when I got home the night of December 21st!!!  Who knows what happened, how or why, but sure enough I checked - not connected to WiFi!  Now the process seems to be working and I can start of my 2017 folders.

5. Other things I can do revolve around this image... If you know Persnickety, you know what it is. However, this is the biggest order I've ever placed  - 278 12" layouts. I have some work ahead in the new year filing them all away. I suspect I also need another box or two of plastic protectors and I mean the boxes of 60 protectors. But oh when it's done, it's such a treat to look through the year and review our life. Makes the process worth it every time!

And that is it for me for 2016....I will see you back her in the new year hopefully with renewed energy to write more.

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