Monday, December 5, 2016

AAM Monday: Project Life Weeks 45, 46

Week 45 with many of the sights of autumn, a season that starts to feel quiet to me without so much going on. Yes, there's Thanksgiving ahead in this week but we made the decision to go serve a meal rather than have a big meal ourselves. That took a lot of the month's pressure off me. I had more time to continue the process of clearing things out though I did make the decision not to take more to the wonderful woman who takes stuff til January. I'm not looking for a tax deduction, just to clear out my excess and let it benefit someone else.

I really liked the black background/border for the photos on this week's pages. I wouldn't do it often but it's a dramatic look and one that gives the feel of really going into the darker days of the year. It was also my post election feel.

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