Tuesday, November 29, 2016

yes, it's Tuesday so what can I say

I don't know where Monday went or really where much of today went but there it is. The afternoon has arrived and the sun is setting. But I did manage to get another week of Project Life done and in aid of catching up, I'll add two weeks today.

November is a favorite month of mine, no longer hot but once again, the weather has vacillated from brisk to what I call San Diego weather at night. Some days the heat is on and some evenings it's a bit warm when it's bedtime. Maryland is variable!

Week 45 was sunny a lot of the time and yet it was the start of oatmeal for breakfast. Actually that only lasted for a bit and I went back to a hard boiled egg or two. 

The above page has one photo bit blurred out for someone else's privacy, and because it is not a full 3600 dpi image it's not as clear. But you get the point.

But this looks like November, big clouds but almost no rain, warm days so that the lavendar bloomed yet one more time! and new winter clothes were ordered for some travel. Hopefully, that doesn't mean it will be too hot for me next month!

btw, these two last pages have black as the background which I rarely do but I liked it a lot. Not likely to happen in December but fun for the occasional week.  cya later!

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