Thursday, November 17, 2016

TBT: The Netherlands 1972

When my 2nd child was due, my Nana came to England to stay with us. She arrived before Christmas 1971 and baby Iain was born the January 27, 1972.  After a month or so, Nana was ready to go back to the US but my mother persuaded her to stay until May. Her help was important to me because these were the months of the miners' strike in England when we only had power for a couple of 3 hour shifts each day. Fortunately, we had a gas cooker and we often stayed in the kitchen during the periods without power. My mother wanted to be sure Nana's return was smooth with the a flight change we weren't sure she could handle on her own.  However, my mother also wanted to go to Holland for the Tulip Festival at Keukenhof.  So Nana stayed and my mother and I went to see the flowers.

Here I am at the beach, probably Zandvoort on the North Sea. Do note that my hair, sweater and shoes are coordinated! I loved that dress, made for me by my British dressmaker, and it zipped up the front. It was so easy to nurse the little boy who was back in England with his great-grandmother! She did get to go back home later that May and sadly died in December of 1972.  There were a lot of family changes for us in the early 70s.

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