Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Travel With Me Tuesday: Let's Talk About Italy

Italy is one of our favorite places and it all started back in 2008.  We took a package tour of three cities in Italy, Venice, Florence and Rome with a couple of other towns along the way. These photos are the very start of our trip leaving on the train to Newark and then across the pond.

A photo of our car space is really important for a week or two week trip. This is just another great thing that smart cameras can do. Then we stand on the platform and wait for the train.

Autumn in Maryland. What kind of weather will we see in Italy and will there be colored leaves?

Hello Newark and get on the little train that takes us from train station to airline terminal. A trip that involves a lot of fast turns so hold on tight!

Finally amongst our fellow travelers and ready to go to sleep over the pond.

Morning temptations so just looking not shopping

So that's the basic of our start to the trip. It's always a lot of to-ing and fro-ing before one is 'there'.

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