Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Travel With Me Tuesday: 2006 Chicago

We both wanted to go to Chicago - him for the opera and me for a chance to eat Lithuanian food. So as was our want back then, it was 'get in the car'.

Chicago is a long drive and we usually stopped in Cleveland to spend the night. This trip had us stopping for a meal out in western PA. Pure solid food, nothing like Iain's 'gourmet crap. I don't recall what we had but these photos show that after having the bread bowl of soup, he really didn't need much more!

I appear to have had a slightly lighter soup. I also recall that while it was a homey place, unless there was a snow storm I wouldn't need to go back. The mills and the mines have closed but it seems that a lot of people still want to eat the way the did way back when.

Now with our bellies filled we could mush on through the endless toll booths of the Ohio Turnpike. What an endless nitpicking road but Ohio needed jobs and toll booths provided some.

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