Thursday, September 22, 2016

TBT: A Yorkshireman in 1972

Ok, not a man but a little boy born in Yorkshire. After 30 years, I finally got some of my older photo albums from former husband.  I wonder if he has any memories of his children from these times. The one of me and #2 son is on Thanksgiving 1972 and the one with his father is later that year.

Remember when we had to pay for film and then developing?  I rarely shot in b&w but did at this time. A shame because my dress was a fine orange wool!

I suspect this photo is one where Daddy is bouncing him and asking "Are you a happy boy?" No doubt, he was. Hopefully he is as happy today.


Esther Andrews said...

Wow, look at you as a young mum! It must have been amazing to finally get those photos back! I have a relative who was custodian of a few old family photos, but when his marriage broke down his wife took them and will not give them back. They are lost to the whole family now!

amson said...

Maureen you look so sweet. What a joy for you to get these photos back. This will keep you scrapping for a while.

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