Thursday, September 1, 2016

TBT: Summer 1956

Another one of the photos sent to me by my cousin Joe. This is the house in MD where I spent most of my growing  up years until I was married. The tall man is my father and he was 6'4 and 36 years old here. How funny it is to think how I thought they were all so old when I was 12. But that's a child's perspective.

The man to his left is my maternal grandmother's brother Peter who moved from PA to NYC, probably to avoid a life spent in the PA coal mines. At some point he met his wife Victoria who is seated on the porch. She already had a son and came from an Italian family so it was quite a change from the Lithuanian and Irish people who seemed to fill most of the town in PA.

It was after WWII that more people moved away from their hometowns and married spouses of different ethnic backgrounds. Those moves allowed a lot of economic growth but at the same time, family connections were often lost. Life is full of choices.

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