Friday, August 12, 2016

Five on Friday: August 12, 2016

Well August is moving on and if I can just get through the rest of the month, I'll be ok. I think.

found here

1. I found the above sentiment almost frightening though I do understand what the author meant. Now if it said, eternal autumn, I'd do my damnedest to always be grateful!

2. The kitchen has barely been disturbed lately. It's amazing how long one can live on iced tea and iced coffee. Fortunately, the grocery stores have wonderful prepared foods and salad makings. I've even made it to Whole Foods considering it was only me eating here last week. I'm splurging.

3. Another on line find for me this week. The person suggesting this used it to pin a monthly calendar on the wall near her computer. Clever her and clever those Scotch 3M people.

4. Another chore for me that I wish I had done earlier when the cellar wasn't damp and maybe full of potential mold from all the rain - empty the freezer for the fish I hope he catches in Alaska. We ended up needing two chest freezers when he was catching lots of halibut and salmon and we were going to Hatch NM every other year or so for chiles. At least the chiles can be bought here now. All this presumes I don't put many tomatoes in the freezer.  Canning certainly works but damn it's  hot in August! And if no salmon, I may just empty the one freezer til we need the 2nd one again. It's a thought.

5. My trunk is full of things for donation but you know what? I can barely see the difference in the house. How is that possible? There is so much more that could/should/will go. I hope I live long enough to finish this clean out!

Have a good weekend, stay cool or stay warm if you're on the south side of the planet and make sure to do something fun! CYA on Monday!

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