Monday, July 11, 2016

AAM Monday Project Life Week 26

For a lot of my recent Project Life layouts, I have been making my templates with an action from Mommyish at The Lilypad. At first I thought it would be too hard, but wow was it easier than I thought and I love playing round with the various shapes. I did come to the conclusion that, for now, I really prefer square edges to rounded ones. That of course may change as I found the rounded ones a nice change for images etc back when that design hit the scrapping world. As long as it's fun, I'll continue this project. And for now, it is!

Just a bit more about what I've done after the basics of the template making.The action allows you to place the various sized shapes on a base which has a lot of guides to allow the shapes to 'snap to guide.' I then add a drop shadow to all the shapes, and then add a blank layer UNDER the original base.

After I put my photos, cards etc on, I select all the layers ABOVE the new base, hit CMD T (CNTRL T on PCs) and reduce the size to 95%. That gives me visual space for the true background paper - here the yellow ones. Yes there are two papers there with one used as an overlay. I rarely use a lot of patterned papers but this allows me to still have fun with them.

And really the final thing I do template wise is to take everything above that original white base and reduce that to 99%. I wanted to see more white than the action originally allows. Then add the elements that I haven't added earlier and decide what papers to use.  I'm loving it!

click her to see action in store

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