Friday, July 1, 2016

AAM Friday: Summer Goals ...Why?

It usually takes me until July is here to realize it IS summer unless we have one of those years when the 90°+ temperatures start in April. Then by the end of June I'm so over summer and am shocked that it is just beginning.

But in the past few years, I've seen the many summer manifestos, the lists of summer goals. Things you get to list and check off as the summer goes on. Really??? I can fathom this for the working parents who do have to schedule every minute of their children's lives and June-September is no exception. But really? for yourself?

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Isn't summer supposed to be that time for NO plans, just taking each day as it comes, perhaps languidly? Until I retired, I used to keep Sunday as a day, if not for church, then a day to keep sacredly still. No housework, no Getting Things Done, no stress. It was a good break and I learned to do more bits of things during the week so that I could relax on Sunday.

I consider summer the Sunday of the year. Yes, things do have to get done and because we didn't get a lot of  house & garden things done during the winter and spring, we had to play catch up. Not all my flower boxes have flowers and they probably won't but we did get a hell of a lot of dead bamboo cut away and out to yard waste, week by week. The deck is power washed, the gardening table is repainted, the freezer is cleaned out waiting for the Alaskan halibut - insh'allah.

Now I get my load of laundry in when I get up; it's ready to hang on the line by 6:30 right after the sun tea jar goes out. Well that jar goes out every other day as I'm trying to cut back on the decaf iced tea and alternate that with cucumber, lemon or mint water.  Then in the afternoon it's a glass or two of iced coffee (made the night before) with a book. Once my chair is in the shade, I read outside. Now it's feeling like summer! Dinners are as easy as I can make them and often I don't even feel like dinner so I make it just for him. You get my point.

But if you want to make your list, go right ahead. Sometimes there are concerts or dates that you can miss if you get too far into the laissez faire mood of summer,  But no matter how you roll,  do take time to just sit and watch the fireflies! Summer sparkles.

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