Thursday, June 9, 2016

TBT: 1967 San Angelo Texas

Our second home in Texas. We moved from an apartment to this house when we knew we were having a baby. The house was just the right size, with a large bedroom to the right of the front door and a living room to the left. There was also a sleeping porch at the back, a large kitchen and a bathroom. In the center of the house there was a small room that seemed to possibly be a small bedroom. We never really knew what if was for. Every room had at least two doors and was connected to two other rooms. We had never seen a house like this and when we got two cats they enjoyed their wandering about.We also had pecan trees in the back yard but our next door neighbor and landlady told us the pecans were hers, not ours. Pecans are hard to shell so I only stole a few.

The house also had what they called 'air coolers' - a huge contraption that circulated cool air from water running through it. After having a baby in late August, I cried and cried until my husband bought an honest to god air conditioner.  We may have only used it for a month or so until we moved back to Maryland, but it saved my sanity. No more tears from Mama.

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